Superior Market Analysis for Real-Estate Transactions

SmartBroker is property acquisition made intelligent.

We now offer the most comprehensive look at residential real estate in the market today.

SmartBroker, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our proprietary market analysis platform for the residential real estate industry. Our company's revolutionary data analysis software has redefined real estate purchasing. By giving you the right information when you need it, SmartBroker has created a solution that can make your property acquisition both intelligent and objective -- leading to a purchase that will help you achieve your real estate investment goals.

SmartBroker is the first solution of its kind to benefit the landlord, the investor, the real estate professional, and the individual home buyer respectively, each with specifically designed market analysis tools and reports.

Wondering which property would return the most equity over time for your family, or immediately for resale as an investor? Not sure which properties will yield the best rental cash flow, while building wealth through increased equity? No problem. Using mathematical algorithms and data analysis techniques, SmartBroker has developed a new value-modeling system for residential real estate. Our QPI (Quantitative Pricing Index) rating scale can accurately assess a home's value as well as deliver an intelligent offer or sale price in line with historical and current market conditions. In addition, our value-modeling system or Regional Adjustment Valuator (RAV) helps you quickly identify which neighborhoods, and properties within them, are the best targets for you or your client.

Superior Market Analysis for Real estate Transactions is the future of real estate brought to your fingertips today. In the private sector, SmartBroker offers a competitive advantage to real estate professionals through our SmartBroker annual site license- allowing them to offer faster, easier and more successful client purchases. SmartBroker is also developing relationships within the banking industry to help lenders determine the value of loans within their portfolios, and help them deal more effectively with the housing trends in each region.

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SmartBroker recommends that real estate buyers purchase a QPI report for any property they wish to buy prior to making an offer.